Hope City Forest

Oasis in the Americas/City of Hope

“The World's First City of Hope”

Understanding PHASES
and aspirations from a Green Growth perspective

Model applied to


Hope City Forest

Oasis in the Americas/City of Hope


Share the potential of the vision and implementation PHASES.

Phases: Geostrategic Benefits

A place globally opened for any government, organization and person

Growth Phases - Methodology

Horizon 1
Extension and defense
of core businesses
Horizon 2
New business
Horizon 3
viable options
Type of
Core businesses that represent the majority of profits
New business generating sales growth
Options for creating future businesses
Maximize potential growth and order while decreasing business
Develop the required competencies and skills and drive initiatives with high growth rates
Generate alternatives (ideas, relationships, assets), for future growth and check the viability of business concepts
Ensure performance and profitability targets
Prioritize sales growth and efficient use of capital
Seek future potential and strength under different scenarios

Phase On Unsustainable Patterns

Sin título-1
No right to
Lack of
No new business, just ideas
Not sowing
for the future
Core opportunities seriously threatened and lack of new opportunities
Overemphasis on growth at the expense of core business
Exclusive focus on core business and limited future prospects
Many options, but no one is developing the new business
Development of the following business opportunities, but with no long-term future

“The World's First City of Hope”

Located between Panama and Colombia. 355,000 hectares of geo-strategic hope


The area known as the first

“Hope City”

on the planet, has a location and an invaluable environmental heritage.

It also has a green expertise

vision and agency


which allows us to act globally to be defined as

“the world's first hope city”,

the first platform for global disruption and the first example of environmental management available to a globalized world.

Let’s think in a short and long term as a green agency, to bring closer, promote and manage the environmental agreements of the present and future.

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